In a perpetually changing and dynamic world, where competitive advantage is triggered both by the ability to innovate and to react as well as by the quality of services provided, Nova Tech Integrated Solutions shares with you the expertise of its team to support you in developing the IT&C strategy for your business, with a direct role in transforming and optimizing operational processes for optimal deployment of your core business.

Our aim is to assist you, step by step on your path to increase the effectiveness and the growth of your productivity, by implementing tailored and dedicated IT&C solutions, necessary to your business working processes.

We use Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), Software Defined Datacentre (SDDC) and Security Operation Centre (SOC) architectures to deliver turnkey solutions for technical management and IT security infrastructures. We offer Private-Cloud/On-Premise consolidated deployment options, we provide post-implementation support and operation assistance.
Nova Tech Integrated Solutions currently provides through it consultants and system engineers the necessary technology and expertise to design and implement advanced resource management solutions and operational security assurance solutions.

Our solutions satisfy the most complex functional demands for business IT&C systems, as well as the most strict security standards for governmental applications. We provide a dynamic approach to ID and data protection issues, designed and developed by permanently investing in highly specialized personnel training and an on-going know – how acquisition process.

We can provide complete IT&C assets useful life management services for the optimal resolution of all issues: planning, design, set-up and integration, post-implementation support, management and optimization.

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